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She only speaks in riddles
Fractious like the dawn
When it comes way too soon
Then fades into day
Trivialized by a nature
As cunning as the fall… 66 more words


Brent's remarkable story.

Here is a piece I helped facilitate while volunteering with STORYTURNS earlier this year. Brent is an incredible person with a moving story to share. Having been through so much, he is strong in his fight against addiction. 35 more words


Sunday, August 3, 2014 Pentecost 8 Jesus Withdrew

Jesus withdrew. Jesus withdrew. No, seriously, Jesus withdrew.

Thankfully not all the way.

I was watching the news the other day and wondering how it is that I like watching the news, even though the news itself is unrelentingly depressing and even angering, even infuriating to tell you the truth, and that all of the uplifting things that you might see on the news programs are these contrived, treacly-sweet things that are not news, but seem to have been put there just to keep us from turning the channel and watching a rerun of Law and Order for the twentieth time because the rest of the programming is so unrelentingly unpleasant. 1,941 more words

'Torero', 'Salomé'... The Successes of Chayanne

In 1998, the singer first appeared on Telecinco


However he does not like to look back but on many of his successes. Millions of people worldwide who have danced with’ Torero’, with ‘Salome’ … have enjoyed hearing his great ballads such as  ‘Y tú te vas’ and ‘Lo dejaría todo’.



He raped her with his eyes
Devoured her with his mouth
And inhaled her with the smoke from his cigarette
With every drag he imagined it was her body… 100 more words


Carl Jung: "like Odysseus, was presented by fate with a nekyia, the descent into the dark Hades"

Jung had used this motif in a metaphorical sense in 1912 in Transformations and Symbols of the Libido: “like Odysseus, I have sought to allow this shade to drink only as much so as to make it speak so it can give away some of the secrets of the underworld” (CW B, §57n). 299 more words

Carl Jung