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January Roundup, featuring Elvis, Lo Fi, and Sneak Peek at my novel "Perfectly Broken"

Hello all!

Hope the first 1/12th of your 2015 was fun. Here in the Catskills, it’s been characteristically cold and snowy, with the usual constant commentary about same, which reminds me, once again, how storytelling is innate in everyone, and I mean… 296 more words

Robert Burke Warren

"We desperately need a war on Christmas lies."

My second audition file. The sound quality isn’t perfect, but I adjudged not bad enough to prevent posting here.



December 2014 saw a splash of anti-Christian pieces in the media. 1,484 more words


Bring back Saturnalia?

Saturday, I mean to publish a response to a recent Salon.com piece by Jeffrey Tayler disparaging Christmas.

In preparing that, I had to research Saturnalia, the ancient pagan festival that Christmas was meant to replace. 22 more words

The emperor's new clothes: False prophecy in the news

Here is my first audition file.¬† The sound quality and performance aren’t the best, but I’ve chosen to post it anyway given the weight of the subject matter. 1,066 more words

National News

Leftists at Salon Want to Abolish West Point

So let’s see. Last week the leftists of VOX said they want to abolish the US Senate, now the leftists of Salon want to… 57 more words


Salon Does It Again

I generally like Salon, but its pieces on religion tend to be very, very weak. Its editors apparently cannot understand anything said by any of the New Atheists. 565 more words