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Edwidge Danticat interviews Katia Ulysse: “Rich stays here. Poor stays there. That’s the Haiti I’ve always known” - Salon.com

Edwidge Danticat: I had the pleasure of meeting you almost 15 years ago when I edited an anthology called “The Butterfly’s Way: Voices From the Haitian Dyaspora” in the United States. 185 more words


Modern Myths: Science vs. Religion

“Religious belief systems prefer a universe with mankind firmly at its center. No wonder Cosmos is so threatening.” This is the subheading to a recent article… 2,823 more words


Why I Didn't Read the Comments on my Salon.com Article

Amazingly, if I do say so myself, I managed not to read the comments on my Salon.com article that came out over the weekend. This was purely self-preservation. 1,002 more words


Check me out on Salon.com today!

My essay, “Fertility Envy,” is live on Salon.com today.

You can find it here.

Thanks for reading!


Fans rise up in support of suspended parody account: #FreeSalonDotCom

It started yesterday when Twitter suspended the brilliant parody account @SalonDotCom that had delivered devastating satire of the left wing priggery of Salon.com.

#FreeSalondotcom Twitter shuts down hilarious…

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