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Abstinent Opinions

In yet more drama in the college sexual assault front, Donald Eastman III, president of Eckerd College released a statement advising students on how to… 64 more words

Epidemic of Sea Star Wasting Disease Illustrates Challenges in Countering Marine Diseases

Scientists have found an explanation behind the increase in melted starfish over the last year. The culprit – a disease termed  “sea star wasting disease”, that opens the gateway for other infections to decimate the host. 291 more words


On The Big Bang Theory

An article on Salon.com recently came to my attention asking what was so funny about The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory, for those of you living in North Korea who’ve managed to jimmy up a rudimentary internet connection and were unfortunately only able to get access to this website, is the most popular situation comedy in the United States. 1,038 more words


The New American Hero: A Self-Righteous Cultural Critic Converts Me

Every year a few days before Veterans’ Day, Salon.com runs an editorial in which some whiny Leftwing pseudointellectual mocks or otherwise disparages members of the US Military. 1,058 more words

Much Ado about Surnames and the Media

Place Ville Marie Plaza. Just being built in 1963. It became the center of the City. In the 1960’s the place was crawling with smartly-dressed secretaries at lunch. 1,292 more words


Review: Salon.com

If you have a Facebook or Twitter you have probably come across a shared story from Salon.com at one point or another.

The media website publishes content ranging from politics to viral cat videos. 704 more words


"Why I Date Married Men"

Heather L. Hughes, a freelance writer, contributes to Salon.com “Why I Date Married Men” and lends light insight into her choice of dating partners, a kind of liberation for a sexual late bloomer (a virgin until 29), when she concludes: 1,196 more words