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Wikipedia Claims IRS Targeted Progressive Groups, Cites Salon.com as Evidence

Did the IRS target Progressive groups? Wikipedia thinks so…

It’s now widely known that the IRS targeted and harassed Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations seeking tax exempt status before the 2012 election. 239 more words


Edwin Lyngar of Salon.com attempts (and fails) to make a reasonable case against Cliven Bundy

It brings a smile to my face that I can tell that Edwin Lyngar writes a new article because I start getting page hits on… 1,179 more words



“Back in the day, we used typewriters to write up our stories. They were printed on this material called paper – a marvellous invention it was. 658 more words

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Joan Walsh Sure is Full of Hate

Salon editor Joan Walsh is part of the professional left which has appointed itself the council on who’s a hater and who isn’t. If you watch the compilation from the Washington Free Beacon below, you’ll notice that Ms. 108 more words


How To Lose A Million Dollars

And more. This contestant also blew a chance at a car. Trip for two to London. But how he lost the million…it’s just mind boggling. And he’s an honor student! 106 more words


A Short History of The Media

A great column in Salon.com is an excerpt from the book “The Invention of News: How The World Came To Know About Itself” by Andrew Pettegree. 38 more words

We've got a winner, folks!

On Facebook, my friend Jess put up a link to salon.com’s movie review of Noah. I had to check it out because the title is so funny: … 481 more words