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True, True Friends...

Sometimes out of the blue you meet people that you just automatically connect with. That connection can happen over something so silly and so split second but it happens. 92 more words



Just wanted to post from 36k feet above the earth!! Heading home from the amazing Click Away photography conference I attended in Salt Lake City Utah. 14 more words


Choosing a Salt Flat Tour Company

There are so many Salt Flat tour operators to choose from, and there seem to be just as many positive reviews on each one as there are negative. 967 more words


Trompe d'Oeil

You’ve probably already figured out that I’m not actually standing on top of that water bottle. Ok, you’re right. I was standing about 30 feet behind, posed and my friend snapped the photo. 58 more words


The Ollagüe Calama-ty

Whilst travelling, we’ve heard our fair share of nightmare border crossing stories. If there’s one thing backpackers like to bore other backpackers with it’s how they had a horrible border crossing experience, clearly in an attempt to leave their audience with a mild case of agoraphobia. 1,483 more words


Bolivia #1: Where we took photos with salt. Lots of salt.

Altitude sickness. Temperatures in the negative double digits. Food poisoning. Squalid living conditions. Drunk drivers.

The warnings about the 3-day “tour” from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, to Uyuni, Bolivia, via the infamous Salar de Uyuni salt flats were numerous. 889 more words

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