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Sculptor, jeweler, Bonneville record holder with 1952 Buick

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Like many properties in Española, Jeff Brock’s yard is filled with old, beat-up cars, many of which haven’t run in decades…But a few do, like Bombshell Betty, a 1952 Buick Super Riviera that holds several U.S.

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Las mejores de ondas

One of the absolute coolest things about Chile is the huge diversity of landscapes and regional cultures, since it’s the longest country in the world. So just a week after being way down South in Northern Patagonia, I made my way to the other end, up to the northern desert of Atacama. 1,349 more words

Bolivia: our thoughts....

Where to start?

I should imagine that Bolivia is a highlight for most travellers to South America and it really is a fantastic county to visit. 128 more words


Salar de Uyuni

Our tour culminated in the final day with the Salar de Uyuni salt flat. At over 10 sq km it’s the largest in the world and apparently visible from space (though I haven’t had a chance to pop up there and check – yet). 67 more words


Giving it Stacks on the Salt Flats

Our planning to get to Bolivia was Mussolini`s Italy level stuff and saw us get to the border at 5am in the bitter cold with border control nopt opening to 7am. 897 more words

South West Circuit 2: geezers, flamingos, hot springs, foxes and more

The last post just doesn’t do Bolivia justice. The total tour was 4 days so worth another post or two surely?

Alright geeeeeeeeeeezer?!

A rock shaped by the wind- or as Gemma says, the Tasmanian devil…. 34 more words


Travelling Through Bolivia

The journey started in the early hours of the morning, in a bus terminal at the arse end of Peru waiting for a connecting bus to Copacabana (Bolivia). 4,093 more words