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Love and Salvation

“God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him”

1 John 4:16

This is the good news for humanity. 1,075 more words


Salt-Shaker Church

Jesus called his listeners “salt of the earth“. The metaphor is so much richer than we give it credit for. What does it really mean to be a salty Christian? 558 more words

Faith Musings

Opportunities abound in culture of hedonism

As our culture races toward a full-on embrace of hedonism, I grow increasingly concerned with the long-term viability of our nation. History is littered with states that possessed remarkable power, status, and influence but eventually fell to ruin due to internal rot rather than the hands of external forces. 587 more words


CSA: June 28th

More lovely produce from my CSA from Salt of the Earth Farm this past Saturday. Most of it is more of the same as last week. 406 more words

Local Food

Let's Give Sour a Fighting Chance

Knowing myself and because I’m a martyr by nature, I’d give up my taste of sweet.

I think that giving up sweet could mean that I get to experience some real sweetness. 284 more words

Daily Prompt

WHY we should love our enemies when we don't want to. No way. No how.


Aren’t there just pieces of the Bible that you had just wished God had left out? He was on a roll with this Love stuff, and I’m in hook, line, and sinker until….Love my enemies? 761 more words

Program Ideas #3: The SALT Group Dynamics

Hello everyone.

Today I will share to you one of our PowerPoint activities in our church.

Last Sabbath we had the SALT Group Dynamics.

All you need for this activity are Bibles and the usual projector but you can use pen and paper as well. 209 more words

Adventist Youth