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Simple-Cheap Flea & Egg Killer!

Ok. Every dog gets fleas at some point. We spend a butt load of money on these chemical filled shampoos, medicines and oils to try and get rid of them and most of the time it doesn’t even work! 312 more words

Check It Out! ;)

12 Uses For Epsom Salt In The Home And Garden

Keeping a home garden healthy and productive is not an easy task. But it’s rewarding and one can make the whole job easier with just a few tricks. 39 more words

Women Ideas

23 October 2014

Today I took a picture of a cellar.


Conclusion: Salt and Light

Jesus calls those who are His “salt” and “light.” He has placed those who are His strategically throughout the corrupted world, sprinkling them everywhere, placing them so they cannot be ignored. 910 more words

Jesus Christ

Salt, yeast, water, flour abracad

Hey, I would  love to mix the four basic ingredients in bread and say abradcad and have the smell of it fill the air. However, it needs four basic ingredients as well as a few simple steps. 837 more words


Wicked Wake Up Call: Weather He Likes It Or Not

Salt gives Mike a call and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime to keep his family safe… by purchasing Nor’easter Insurance.

Have a friend you want to disrupt with a Wicked Wake-Up Call? 54 more words


Salt: Resource Page

“Many young women periodically crave salt and sugar, especially around ovulation and premenstrually, when estrogen is high. Physiologically, this is similar to the food cravings of pregnancy.

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