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Jurassic Park - The Daintree River

For all you movie goers out there, no need to wait until the release of Jurassic Park IV. I can give you a taster right now. 1,054 more words


What Could Happen To You When Traveling To Far North Queensland

This is just a little story. A story we made up yesterday, while in the car on our way back home. So no worries, no animal and also no person got harmed in the process… 1,212 more words


Interlude - Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

A short post to highlight the rather splendid Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat. We saw a huge amount of wildlife in the – wild – but the family are always partial to a well presented zoo and this one is a fine example of how to do it. 446 more words


10 Most Downright Ferocious Or Ill Tempered Animals

A series of accounts of the more dangerous creatures on the planet, including the animals with the worst claws or teeth imaginable, have gripped our readers. 1,338 more words


World's Scariest Animals Pt. 2

A few days ago we looked at some of the world’s scariest animals and the response was great, so I thought it would be fun to look at some more creatures that inspire goosebumps. 728 more words

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