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Let's get personal.

It’s the… Fifth post I’m writing here.

The journey has been rather satisfying, so far. I’d always wanted a website and this is the culmination of a thought I had years ago – finally worked out and in place. 286 more words


The love we need to have for Him (S.A.W)

Last week i posted about how much Muhammed (S.A.W) loved us. Relating to that don’t you think we should reciprocate that love?

In an Authentic hadith the Prophet (Peace be upon him) says: 637 more words


Why a blog?

Wheeler teachers and beyond, allow us to introduce the Wheeler Literacy Resource team for the 2014-2015 school year, and help you get to know our rationale for starting this blog. 215 more words


Dusting off the cobwebs from the Blog

Hi there.

Yes, it’s me. I’m still around.

Life’s been hectic and I’ve been lazy doing other stuff so my poor blog’s been neglected for the longest time ever. 40 more words




I’m not new to blogging, that is for sure, but I am new to WordPress.

I’ve used Blogger for a couple of years now, and though I do love their format, I’d started my old blog without fully thinking of its purpose or true potential- I wasn’t happy with what I’d made, and now I’m regretting ever creating it, because I do not want to force myself into changing my old posts just to cater my new-found maturity or deleting my old blog altogether. 70 more words

Snot Prophecy

The moon is turned and stacked
on the side of stars, sandwiched
over barbarians and anti-barbarians
holding guns in the air, painting dots
over triggers. Moonlighting… 47 more words

Greetings to the SUN

sunset: Villa Pamphilij, Rome, Italy

Hi, suns!
So this is my first post.

I’m going to share all kinds of crazy, lunatic, interesting thoughts. I made this blog to be able to write the loads of things that pass through my mind. 113 more words