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Howdy, Shane here.

Greetings and salutations fellow green-thumbs. My name is Shimus, or Shane in real life. I live near Northwest Pennsylvania, in the Erie region. My favorite time for planting around here is the summer due to conditions being perfect for nearly any plant life (even southern crops do well in the summer here, damn 90% humidity index) and being generally nice to be outside in. 33 more words


New Chapter

I’ve wanted to blog FOREVER… I could never commit to the idea of consistently posting and maintaining one. After much feedback from my customers requesting styling ideas, girls needing advice on how to open or run a boutique, folks inquiring if I do makeup, etc… Starcrush Girl #theBLOG is born! 97 more words



The two women moved there heads
down and their eyes were in
their heads when they saw the ground.
The men from afar yelled and… 12 more words

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Wayasay Productions site, powered by WordPress. On this site, you will be able to find everything that is created under the Wayasay umbrella, plus some of the things that interest us as a company. Hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year

Attention span fail...But I got some cool/random stuff and here's a yoga clip!

My aim this morning was to write a blog for my fitness site about yoga to support a yoga clip I made. This is what happened: 300 more words



Normally people decide to put their introduction in the beginning. It does seem like the most logical place to put it. However, there is a reason why my third blog post is my “introduction” post. 273 more words

Getting Personal