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Hello is more than a five letter word

Hello is more than a Swiss airline, the name of three songs, three films, a British celebrity magazine, and a bidding convention in bridge. It is, in fact, an American greeting. 1,381 more words


Hello There

I would like to officially welcome everyone to my blog. My main concentration and purpose for this blog is to assist those who wish to write blogs professionally. 107 more words



I salute all the woman who are abused
The ones out there feeling used
Those who feel the need to hide
Because they’re still living, denying suicide… 107 more words

Mind Matter

The Politics of the Word Ma’am

As I get older, it seems like less folks are calling me “ma’am.” Instead, I’ve suddenly become “a miss.” At first, it uplifts the ego a bit to be called “miss.” However, at some point, it sounds a little silly when you’re firmly middle-age. 535 more words


A greeting in Thailand, invented in the 1930’s from the Sanskrit word svasti, well-being.

Saluer (greetings)

Bonjour ! Merci ! Au revoir !  Salut !… Monsieur, Madame…

How do we use these words ? Learn and try on the Website of BBC Learning : 13 more words