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Just One Look

Amazing Grace is given to the one who has lost his way. You are not reprimanded; you are gently led. You shall not meet a harsh response, as so many think and turn away, for fear of the wrath to come. 333 more words


No longer a slave

As a believer in Christ you are no longer a slave to sin. To understand this, lets read John chapter 8 verses 31 to 35… 594 more words



My precious Child,

I never forget you.  I do not always hide My face from you.
Don’t take the counsel of your own soul, Child. Don’t let sorrow live in your heart every day.  87 more words

Knowing God

The Question No One is Asking..Did Robin Williams Know Jesus Christ

I was so upset when I heard Robin Williams had died.  He had made me laugh for years.  From Mork and Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire and the lesser known Jumanji,  there was no one that could make me laugh more.   109 more words


Are Jews Christ-Killers?

I’m still waiting to see if that strident fanatic who runs ‘Faithful word baptist church” has just about completed his wacky and erroneous series of videos bashing of the Jews, but they just keep dribbling out… 2,296 more words

What's So And Not So


Are we missing something?

About Salvation

Important: Please make the effort to read the Bible references provided as this will help clarify the points made. Please also note that most of the things that we have heard about salvation in our churches are true. 1,967 more words



Sing to the LORD all you righteous ones, for the praise of the upright is lovely.
Give thanks to the LORD with a harp.  Sing praise with the ten stringed lyre. 296 more words

Knowing God