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Promise (Foundations #3)

How God answers human rebellion

Isaiah 65:17-25

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So far in this series we have seen

1. How God created the universe, and it was very good. 2,693 more words

Christian Teaching

Summer Training: Week 2

Another week of FOCUS New Staff Training has come to an end. With how busy we’ve all been it feels like we’ve already been here for a month! 920 more words


The Old Testament in 64 Sentences

• God created the universe, the world and people and it was all very good.
• Mankind disobeyed the one thing and the curse of sin and death came in. 809 more words


Salvation "History"

After my session at NAPS, I had several interesting discussions about the implications of patristic exegesis for contemporary discussion of hermeneutics and biblical theology. As a result of these conversations, I have been rethinking a key term that I use regularly, “salvation history.” I teach a course at the seminary entitled the  542 more words

Feast of the Ascension

Below is a video of Scott Hahn on the Feast of the Ascension, and how the Ascension is part of the Pascal Mystery of our Lord. 23 more words



THE VISITATION: If Israel had not been so unfaithful to its God, so much pain and sorrow would not have been required. And yet the faith of Abraham and the fidelity of the prophets are very much there as realities which cannot fail but participate in the birth of the Redeemer. 204 more words


The Epic of Salvation History

What is the salvation narrative? In a phrase, the salvation narrative is the story of God’s single plan to re-establish his reign through his chosen human agents in the creation; to renew the world and its righteous governance. 968 more words