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Honey as a Wound Treatment

The ancients managed bees and used honey as a salve or poultice on wounds and boils to prevent infection and speed healing. Doctors and healers around the world use honey or even table sugar in open wounds to lower the risks of infection and speeds healing. 153 more words

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Still alive..just been REALLY BUSY!! But, I have exciting news!

Well, I disappeared…I know. Yes, we have been doing ALL kinds of stuff around here let me tell you! And, MORE to do!! But, I have some VERY exciting news! 298 more words

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What's the difference between a cream, salve, and a lotion?

I get this question a lot at craft shows and I have sometimes had a hard time explaining in a simple way the differences. Thanks to the awesome blog called… 333 more words

gettin' savvy.

or salve-y.

it’s worked out in my favor that i get to help lauren with her apothecary twice a week. i get to geek out on herbs while learning from a super knowledgable female herbalist (not that a male herbalist would be bad, but it’s nice to share this experience with a like-minded woman, ya know?). 399 more words



TheKarenCo – my first client!!!!!! (Woop woop!)

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, TheKarenCo is a handcrafted soap and bath company started by owner, Karen Taylor. Karen started making soaps after spending money for years on products that irritated her skin.  169 more words

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New Ideas on the Horizon

Because I can’t stay idle for long, here’s a list of the new Solstice Brews products I have planned this year (it may trail into next year): 24 more words


AgroNomades now on ETSY!

I am certifiably JAZZED to announce to you that AgroNomades products and art are now available for worldwide purchase via our brand spanking new Etsy page! 33 more words