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Taking A Leap ... Perhaps ... One Day

Up until a few years ago, the thought of living in any other country other than England had never really crossed my mind. Thinking about that now, it seems strange to me that I never considered living in another country, especially with there being 196 of them, you’d think at least one would have appealed to me. 828 more words

Vienna and Salzburg

When I was in Vienna, I felt like I had wasted a day because of the weather. From Budapest, I had made my journey towards Vienna very early in the morning hoping that I could have an early start and more time to wander around the city but unfortunately it was raining all day. 883 more words


Salzburg, Austria

The city is very beautiful with many places to visit. We toured the famous castle and saw where Mozart spent his days. Salzburg is filled with beautiful old buildings and a thriving city center and the locals are very friendly and most speak English as well as German.


Austria and Slovenia

Time has flown by since our last blog post, leaving us with only 13 days left in Europe before we head back into the Southern Hemisphere. 733 more words