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You Like Me. You Really Like Me!

So back in 2011 and 2012, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by two bloggers. I responded to both of them, saying that I was honored they thought to give me this award. 260 more words

And Now For Something Random

ROW80 Update 4/9/14

My Supernatural Spreadsheet says I’m on track to meet my goal for April. :) It tracks your daily word count average and your goals based on what you have entered, and it will tell you how you’re doing. 143 more words

Supernatural is Life

In the early days of Supernatural, I saw the brothers Winchester as adorable, but it took a while to see deep into the dynamic of what was happening. 324 more words


Climb on in and come along for the ride

Supernatural is my all-time favorite TV show ever.  I’m not much of a TV watcher, in general, but this show merits my attention.  The writing is amazing, the story line is engaging, the actors are hunky, the emotions are real, and we all want to be a part.  116 more words


As I Love You

He lay spread out on the bed, hair sweat mussed, cheeks flushed a rosy red. Chest heaving, nipples pebbled. The bedsheets were crumpled around him, creased and folded where he had grabbed desperately at them. 575 more words


It’s almost impossible not to feel like part of the show. We laugh, cry, freak out, suffer,and get angry with each episode. Sometimes we even fight “alone” (or with the TV) while we pretend they can hear us. 220 more words