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Recap of Supernatural S10E02: Reichenbach

The first episode of Season Ten of Supernatural helped us to get a sense of our bearings, providing opportunity for a lot of action as we move forward. 3,161 more words


Recap of Supernatural S10E01: Black

Season Ten of Supernatural—pretty impressive by any standard. By the tenth season, are our expectations higher than ever, or are we willing to accept whatever the boys will give us only because we are so grateful they continue to carry on? 2,407 more words


A Very Special Supernatural Special (10/6)

A PAST AND FUTURE LOOK AT “SUPERNATURAL” ─ This one-hour special takes a behind-the-scenes look at the past nine seasons of the hit drama about the thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester Brothers. 84 more words


Gank Your Darlings: On Falling in Love With Supernatural

It’s in this blog’s mission statement: “we will not feel guilty or pretend to feel guilty about our pleasures.” Even so, there’s something a little embarrassing about becoming a fan of a show that contains several extremely attractive people. 901 more words

Cast Change

Cast Change.

This is such a fun daily prompt!

My favorite show is Supernatural but I don’t know that I could change any of the actors on it and have it still be that awesome. 510 more words


I think there's a ghost in my room...

This might be the paranoia talking from years of watching horror movies but i swear there’s a ghost in my room. last night or maybe i should say this morning since it was 5 am, my laptop out of no where switches on when i wake up for my nightly snack (i love food!!). 88 more words