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"Grappling With Their Shortsighted Rejection": The Tough Politics Of Medicaid For Republicans

In the world of Republican politics, there is no surer bet than opposing ObamaCare. But conservative obstruction to the health care overhaul may finally be catching up with a handful of Republican governors running for re-election. 666 more words


Kansas tax cuts show that the Laffer curve works both ways

Being a great fan of seeing economic theory in action, I can’t help revelling in watching what is happening in Kansas. Governor Sam Brownback signed some massive tax cuts into law in 2012, arguing that it would boost economic activity. 628 more words


Strange Times in Kansas

The Democrats aren’t even running a senatorial candidate in Kansas, the conventional wisdom is that the Republican is therefore more likely to lose, and it goes to show how very convoluted the state’s politics are at the moment. 1,121 more words


Kansas officials await word on August taxes

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) — Kansas officials are awaiting word on whether the state’s tax collections in August met expectations.

The state Department of Revenue’s report Friday afternoon was expected to renew a political debate over massive income tax cuts enacted at Republican Gov. 85 more words


"2014 And The Limits Of Rage": Voters May Decide That Rage Has Its Limits And Government Has Work To Do

The short-term future of politics in the nation’s capital will be determined in large part by which party ends up in control of the Senate. But for a sense of the long-term future of politics in the country as a whole, watch the governors’ races. 720 more words


Gov. Sam Brownback responds to August 26 KSN News Poll

WICHITA, Kansas — Incumbent Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican, responded to the KSN News Poll released August 26 in a brief written statement.

First however, KSN reached out to both candidates, Brownback and Davis, Tuesday to see how the issue of tax breaks and education play into their plans for Kansas. 55 more words