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Sunday's cover - DSLZ

Have you ever heard of Debout sur le zinc? No?
Then you should definitely check them out.
They are in my honest opinion the best French band that is still active today. 55 more words


Sunday's cover - Yay, Sweden!

Ever heard of the swedish DJ Avicii? You must have heard his “Hey Brother” recently, but this one is my favorite so far : Addicted to you! 66 more words


Sunday's cover - High school years

All this agitation about the world cup reminds me of 1998, when France was the host, and that suddenly soccer was so trendy there (until of course we lost, ’cause that’s how french people value any sport, right?…) 106 more words


Sunday's cover - Classic.

First of all, you are now 200 to follow this blog??

This is insane, are you for real? :o
Thank you all so much for being here, it means a lot to me that so many people are willing to watch my shenanigans every week, it’s really cool :D… 64 more words


Sunday's cover - Pressed! And impressed.

Hey there!

You might have noticed that little thing there on the right –>
Yes, this is new. What happened is that last week I received an email from WordPress’ staff, saying that I had been selected to appear in the “Freshly press” section. 82 more words


Sunday's cover - Mmmh, hot.

(yes I know today is monday and not sunday but I have a very good excuse that involves a beach, paddle boats, and a spa, and you will see all that in next Vlog at the end of the month ;) ) 14 more words


Sunday's COMPOSITION - Fangirl

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Tumblr (or as I like to call it : Tumblah) and I realised that some girls are reaaaally intense with their fangirling. 70 more words