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Sunday's cover - Lenny and Vaness'

Today’s teenagers would say “Vanessa Paradis? Who the hell is that? And Johnny Depp? Who’s that old guy?”
Back in my day, teenagers would say “Ahh Johnny and Vanessa, iconic couple!” 67 more words


Sam Play - Life Is Good

Take it easy, life’s not so bad, sit back and reflect on what you have, even if it`s just a tune to cheer you up. Cool keys keep the night moving to the sugar cane stick and slick drum rolls! 12 more words

Sunday's cover - Hello?

Yes, I know, the last covers I made were quite sad, so today we’re gonna step it up a little, with something more joyful, more upbeat, more sexy, more everything! 147 more words


Sunday's cover - Soko!

Ahhh sunday.
That sunday when it’s all about “the morning after” (that’s how they say “hangover” here) and when you are so lazy you just want to stay in bad and/or do nothing but geeking, and when you bless all the delivery services. 136 more words


Sunday's cover - Katie and St-Patty

Hey everyone!
Today I’m posting a song that I wanted to cover for a long time, and today feels right. (Also, tomorrow is Saint-Patty’s day so I’m wearing green and I’m about to go and drink lots of beer! 50 more words


Sunday's cover - Oh, Internet.

Hey everyone!

Still no Internet at my new place. I miss the Internet (I’m talking to you through the magic of coffee places and friends couches right now). 176 more words


Sunday's cover - Disney and Gloss à Moelle!

Do you know Gloss à Moelle? You have most certainly seen her blog, haven’t you?
Well if you don’t know her, she is a hilarious and talented young woman. 50 more words