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Şevval Sam Yalan Dünya Dizisi Yıkıldı Dünyam Sensizlik Bana Hep Haram Şarkı Sözleri

Cuma akşamları Kanal D ekranlarında yayınlanan ve izlenme rekorları kıran fenomen dizi Yalan Dünya, birbirinden ünlü şarkıcıları konuk etmeye devam ediyor. Yalan Dünya nın 18 Nisan 2014 cuma akşamı yayınlanacak 81.Bölüm ünün şarkıcı konuğu, güzelliği ve sesiyle gönüllerde taht kuran başarılı şarkıcı Şevval Sam olacak. 124 more words

Pins of the Week #5: Portal & Supernatural

That’s right my geeky friends! I’m going to start doing a weekly POTW post again! Yay!!! I hope you guys enjoy this week’s set of pins as much as I did. 145 more words

Pins Of The Week

In the Name of Art

I have always loved visiting art museums and art galleries, exploring and learning about the works of artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, that reveal the intimate and unique insights into their working lives and creative processes. 1,252 more words

Baby E

Friday Favorites

1// My office is right by the Seattle Art Museum. The SAM has one of the most memorable landmarks welcoming you to the museum - the “ 311 more words

Friday Favorites

Book - Prologue

I started writing a book recently, and this is the prologue. Just to make you guys curious ;)


The light was dim, smoke lay thick, the air smelled of beer, the voices of the football supporters too loud and the music too soft to hear inside the pub. 473 more words


Supernatural 'Meta Fiction' Review - "The world is not made of atoms, it's made of stories"

You could say that Meta Fiction is a meta-written episode by Metatron. During this episode, the brothers manage to capture Gadreel while Castiel finally accepts his role as a leader. 1,457 more words

The Daily Fandom

Story #1

We had our routine every night. Saying “Goodnight” from your sweetest loving kids before going to sleep, specially from toddlers, is the Sweetest and really priceless moment. 88 more words