The Picture of Courage and Tenacity

The most amazing experience we had yesterday was to see the beginnings of a new “settlement” in the Shomron. (Samaria), which is legally and biblically part of Israel.   239 more words


September 16 - OT Reading

Isaiah 5-8

Isaiah 5

Parable of the Vineyard

5 Let me sing now for my well-beloved A song of my beloved concerning His vineyard. My well-beloved had a vineyard on a fertile hill. 2,481 more words


Elisha captures a detachment of Arameans (2 Kings 6:20-6:23)

“As soon as they entered Samaria, Elisha said. ‘O Yahweh, open the eyes of these men, that they may see.’ Yahweh opened their eyes, and they saw. 249 more words

Ellen Burns - IMB Journeyman to Mexico

“ToTahtzin okintlasohtlak n tlaltikpaktlakameh, iwan ik inoh okimakak sanyeh n setzin iKonetzin, ihkoh nochi akin kineltoka amo ma mixpolo, yeh ma nochipa yolto.” This is John 3:16 in the heart language of the people we have come here to share God’s love with. 367 more words

General Missions

Beyt Yosef

We are staying in Beyt Yosef (House of Joseph) in Neveh Menacham, one of the hills of Karnei Shomron (in Samaria).  It is a guest house with several bedrooms and three kitchens for guests. 202 more words


Vineyard in the Rocks

We had the most wonderful experience yesterday as we drove to see The Mount of Blessing and Curses and some of the Jewish Settlements on the sides of the mountains–as we passed the fertile valleys below, given over to the Arabs.   250 more words


Elon Moreh & Altar in Shomron

ABOVE:  Elon Moreh, Jewish settlement as you ascend Mt. Kabir.  Synagogue in Elon Moreh

Below is the Samaritan Altar in the city of Shomron