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O Brasil: Festa Brasileira!

Walking into Hales, the most glaringly obvious absence in presentation was the decoration so scant it was almost imperceptible. Judging only from various comments made by the hosts of the event, the idea was to try to somehow reconstruct a Brazilian Carnaval. 446 more words


Que ótimo!

Football fans worldwide are counting down to FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil in 2 months from now. Brasil is for me identical not only to football but also carnaval, pretty women, the Amazone and beautiful music (samba, bossanova, bahian percussion)! 257 more words


1001 reasons on why to come to Rio?

1001 reasons on why to come to Rio?

Of Samba & Sun baked perfect bodies…

My body was undergoing a series of mixed feelings and emotions on the flight to Rio, there was great exitement and added to that apprehension. 1,264 more words

2014-04-17 Brazil

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Biggest south american country.

Land of Samba. Land of Football. Land of CarnavalRio de Janeiro… 27 more words


‘Here I am, come and buy something!’

Vending machines have to compete for our ‘retail dollar’ like every other outlet, and our new Necta GIGA Video screen fits the bill perfectly when it comes to grabbing customer attention… 458 more words


Put down the grater! I'm not a mountain...

Every 90s child knows they owe a big part of who they are today to Disney’s The Lion King.

The bright colours, singing animals and catchy songs drew us all in as children and as adults we are drawn in by… the bright colours, singing animals and catchy songs… not to mention the historical undertones of Nazi Germany, the reference to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the first time you were made aware of your parents mortality or, indeed, the circle of life. 449 more words

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