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Today in News We Already Knew: Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments Are 'Silly'

Over at Slate.com, Mark Joseph Stern breaks down something we have all known since we started the fight for marriage equality; just how silly and animus-driven the arguments of our opponents have always been. 246 more words


Homosexuality - from taboo to just a 'NO'

The 21st century is an era, which is called fully developed and acquainted with fair knowledge. This is also an era where we struggle for the maximum freedom and liberation for our well being, and social, and personal security. 1,429 more words


A Few (876) Words On Sexuality and Self-Discovery

I went to the post office yesterday and noticed that they now offer Harvey Milk themed postage stamps. Maybe they have for a while; I don’t know. 897 more words


Same-sex marriage debate gets weird

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has just put forward one of the more, um, interesting arguments opposing same-sex marriage.

It’s noted in a blog posted by Dallas Morning News editorial writer/blogger Jim Mitchell. 286 more words

"It will affect all of us:" Wisconsin Supreme Court to release decisions on three major cases Thursday

MADISONĀ (WITI) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court will release decisions in three major cases on Thursday, July 31st in what promises to be an historic day in state history. 468 more words

The Lowe Down

Homophobia in the commonwealth

LGBT rights across the world is today becoming an increasingly talked about topic in Britain, none more so than the current situation in Russia. With 74% of Russians saying in opinion polls that homosexuality should not be accepted by society, the western world is speaking out on an industrial scale. 484 more words

Texas Same Sex Marriage Ban: Are Married Men With Vasectomies Considered Divorced In Texas Because Sex With Them Won't Produce a Child?

For a state that denies the responsibility for taking care of reproducing migrants, it’s funny that their argument in support of same sex marriage goes back to the premise that sex is for having children only. 541 more words

Chauvinism Alive Today