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Dreaming about babies does not a baby make :o/

I had glorious happy dreams that were  incredibly intense and felt so real for the past two nights. This isn’t all that unusual for me so I am not going to jump the gun and think… vivid dreams… pregnancy symptom!! 253 more words

am I or am I not???

Regardless I shouldn’t complain, but I will. I so feel for some of these women on the forums. Some of them have been trying for years!! 436 more words

TTC#1 & My first TWW

I hear so many horrible things about same-sex couples wanting to start a family and how wrong it is to bring children into this environment, not that my home life or “environment” is any different than what I would consider to be traditional or ideal. 638 more words

Growing veggies so I don't think about growing babies

The journey to parenthood it a stressful one. It’s mind racking really. Jenn and I stared this journey officially last November with just tracking ovulation and temping. 472 more words

Our Biggest Adventure

My purpose for this blog was originally to journal our experiences together as we took this huge leap of faith and decided to move away and start fresh all on our own. 152 more words


I just love how Honey Maid responded to the hateful mail and social media comments they received in response to their commercial featuring same-sex parents as part of their family oriented campaign. 25 more words


"Nobody has two mamas"

The other day, my four year old, Mocha wanted me to pretend to be her while she was pretending to be another kid. As her pretend friend, she asked, “Mocha, where’s your daddy?” I gave the standard answer that we’ve always taught her to give when someone asks her something like that. 216 more words