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Update: Adoption Adventure (Classes 2-6)

We all have used the term “time flies” but WOW does it ever!! I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 weeks since we entered into our first “Professional Parenting” class. 756 more words

Single Mothering By Choice--Night Time Parenting Two under Two

Or arrived, I explained to him how to help Santi sleep.  ¨Just lie next to him and keep telling him it is time to get to sleep.  705 more words

Single Mothering by Choice--Daring to do the Nights Alone. Part One.

Sunday afternoon, 1:00 p.m. Bogota, Colombia–

My dear friend Julie jumps in a cab for the airport.  We had just returned from a memorable Bogota walk: the almond croissant at Masa, strolling down Cyclovia—which I now understand is in L.A.–, passing serious cyclists, kids on pink bikes, skateboarders and a lot of babies.  909 more words

Dear Zadie (Seven Weeks)

Dear Darling Zadie,

I am writing you a letter as you transition from the first few weeks of your life into the next chapter.  Life will always be a series of transitions for both of us and as you go from less than six-weeks-old to more than six-weeks-old this is no different.  668 more words

Dear Santiago (21 months and one week)

My Dear Santiago,

I honestly don´t know when it happened, but you are a new man, a different man, an older man, and yet still just a 21-month-old boy. 988 more words

No, I DON'T Love All of My Children the Same!

I remember, fourteen years or so ago, when I was pregnant with Noah. No matter what I said or how excited I was, there was no convincing Nicholas (who was eight-and-a-half when Noah was born) that it was going to be great, him having a baby brother. 1,442 more words

Family Matters

Adoption Adventure!

It has officially begun!! Although we attended the required state orientation several months ago, last Thursday we had our first official “Professional Parenting” course required by the state of Florida to adopt or foster a child. 668 more words