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Same-sex Parenting Fear - My son wants to play with a doll

This last week in a Disney Store in Texas, when I realized that I was parenting my son with fear because I am a same-sex parent. 382 more words

Disney Store

Favourite Dad

For us falling in love was easy and instant – from the very moment we met our sons. For the boys it of course took longer – they needed to settle, they needed to attach, subconsciously they needed to allow themselves to love again. 764 more words


Tomorrow and Forever.

My parents were pretty dysfunctional as I remember and I had a chaotic life. But my wife says I married ‘up’ and with a whole load of therapy, many geographicals and a hefty swig of courage I got over my past and stepped into the shoes of the person I am today. 365 more words


18 Weeks and Counting!!

In just 18 weeks Jenn and I will be boarding a plane to Seattle to get married!

It just occurred to me that my title might be misleading to those of you reading this, as many of you are TTC bloggers you might have thought that I could possibly be pregnant when you saw the title of this post… How I wish that were the case. 371 more words

2 YOU SAY?!?!?!

Woke up last Friday morning, got our 6-year-old ready for school, dropped her off, and we head out for our appointment at our fertility specialist. Our first sonogram! 444 more words

And So It Begins...

I never thought that I would be blogging, but so it begins! Life for me has begun to take some really interesting turns. Let me fill you in very quickly on who I am and what has been going on in my life so far. 387 more words

And the pieces come together...

I am a terrible blogger. Do I start every post with something along that lines? I can’t quite remember, but I know I’m inconsistent and always feel bad for being so inconsistent. 453 more words