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Zadie: Day Six

Zadie is asleep in my lap. She is wearing a Zara cross-over onesie and a light blue, Carter’s, button-down, claw print pajama. The Zara top is from their newborn line, or what they call one-month-old. 726 more words


Zaida: Day Five

1. Diapers. Today, on Zadie’s fifth day of life, I changed her first diaper. Zadie’s diapers are the same size I would have bought for Santi’s doll Langston: they are tiny. 1,374 more words


Dare I say... it's back to NORMAL!!

WARNING TMI: Never in my life have I been so thrilled to have such excruciating cramps and full flow on the 30th DAY OF MY CYCLE!!! 242 more words

Zadie's First Day Home

I have been asking Mary to stop being so funny since the doctor took a weed whacker to my private parts during delivery. Laughing, coughing, sneezing, and even hard thinking produces sharp pain in my lady parts that currently leaves me feeling like I am sitting on shards of glass. 895 more words


14 Weeks and Gender Reveal Planning

It’s been 14 weeks into this pregnancy (well today is 14w3d but who’s counting?!) and things are still rolling along smoothly.  Callie is starting to get what we assume is some round ligament pain. 837 more words

Another Baby Shower

Jenn and I have been on a TTC break since June that will probably continue until December. It appears the miscarriage in March has really thrown my body off-balance. 340 more words

Pregnancy Privilege

“Just remember it is not always greener on the other side.” – Straight co-worker with infant child, responding to discussion about difficulties in becoming parents for queer couples. 200 more words