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Dear Zadie: (Six Months Old, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Dear Zadie—

Today is your six-month birthday. You have been ready to eat for weeks, grabbing at bowls, gnawing on apples, smacking your lips as you watched us eat. 623 more words

Scotch Eggs

We are sitting having dinner and both our sons are excited because a friend from school is with us, conversation jumps around and one of them makes reference to ‘Mummy’ at which point the friend says ‘you have two Dad’s because your mummy is dead’, ‘no she isn’t they reply in unison’ and then go on to give two slightly different explanations as to her whereabouts. 780 more words


Kordale and Kaleb's Story - What Do You Think?

American (gay and black) couple Kordale and Kaleb uploaded a family photo last year which provoked strong reactions, both positive and negative, on Twitter and Instagram. 35 more words

Blooming Families

November 28, 2014

My stomach hurts.  Yesterday was a spin with my second wife (Anne), three step children (Thomas 11; Mary, 16 and Hellen, 19, her ex-husband (Ethan), my two bio-children(Joe, 9 and Mae, 12) and a young adult orphan who lives with us and needed a place to celebrate the holiday (Lilly).   255 more words

Blended Family

An Introduction, of sorts

Oh, wow. Hi. Hello there!

Sort of left you hanging there, didn’t I? Well, a ton has changed in life! That’s the thing about life, it’s always changing! 691 more words


Kazakhstan: Ashtanga Yoga in Almaty

I walk out of my building in what looks like the dead of night. It is 6:30 a.m., the sun will not rise for two more hours.  597 more words

The Best Visit EVER!!

So it was only the third visit and there is going to be a bad day eventually,  but today was THE best!! Foster Mom forgot about our arrangements and neglected to tell me, even though I asked on Monday, that Matthew had an appointment with his therapist today so we had to call and shift our plans. 403 more words