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Dear Santiago (21 months and one week)

My Dear Santiago,

I honestly don´t know when it happened, but you are a new man, a different man, an older man, and yet still just a 21-month-old boy. 988 more words

No, I DON'T Love All of My Children the Same!

I remember, fourteen years or so ago, when I was pregnant with Noah. No matter what I said or how excited I was, there was no convincing Nicholas (who was eight-and-a-half when Noah was born) that it was going to be great, him having a baby brother. 1,442 more words

Family Matters

Adoption Adventure!

It has officially begun!! Although we attended the required state orientation several months ago, last Thursday we had our first official “Professional Parenting” course required by the state of Florida to adopt or foster a child. 668 more words

Incontinence, Potty Training, and Elimination Communication


One month ago, I had a baby girl, Zaida Margaret Lovejoy. She is my second child, Santiago Brach Lovejoy was my first. He turns 21-months next week. 800 more words

Love is all you need...

In a perfect world, I would be writing this blog as a new mother; offering words of wisdom and top tips on creating and nourishing new life as a same-sex parent. 313 more words

Gay Parenting

Zadie: Day 8--Birth and Recovery from an Invasive VBAC

I wake up, breasts like stone, large boulders that you would have to swerve to miss on your bike, and look over at Zadie. I don’t hear her breathing, but trust she is. 760 more words


Bad Advice

Most of us new parents came to adoption later than many of our peer group came to parenting, often it is after many years of trying for a birth child and many more attempting to ‘put right’ whatever issues were preventing that from happening naturally. 1,235 more words