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The Same Thing-An Explanation.

It was ‘the same thing’ we did in those days it was only an audience of one that we did when our uncle gave us his Computer for use. 390 more words


A Mural of Havoc

The scowl of nightmares
Paint a mural of havoc
Across desolate ceilings
That mirror inner panic

They expand from above
Scaling down in streams of black… 44 more words


Just A Brief Observation

Senator Barbara “Humpty” Mikulski (D-MD) And A Wart Hog.

The Senator’s on the left, yeah.

Day 9-10: Shway Shway

My recovery buddy tells me that about a million times a day. For those of you who don’t know, that means “Little by Little” in Arabic. 966 more words