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Catherine Cavendish ‘Saving Grace Devine’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Saving Grace Devine isn’t a horror novel so much as an uncharacteristically dark and at times heartbreakingly bleak mystery. Catherine Cavendish delivers an equal balance of heavily emitted intrigue and traces of awkward supernatural abilities. 297 more words


Just a Touch

New contemporary romance, coming from Samhain in December!

Marisa Finley needs a break: from work, from stress, and from a life that isn’t making her happy. 60 more words

An Introduction to my Ancestor's Feast - Samhain


Being of mixed ancestry I have created a ‘Samhain’ or Feast of the Ancestors Rite that combined the Hindu ancestral observance of Pitru/Pitri Paksha with aspects of my other spiritual lineage to call to and bless all that came before me. 837 more words

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Ancestor’s Feast Ritual - Samhain

The Shakti Shaman Ancestor’s Feast Rite:

The following is my personal Feast of the Ancestor’s rite, it combines elements of the Pitri/Pitru Paksha, the Hindu ancestral observance in the fall, and utilizes island shamanic portal and spirit work. 1,094 more words

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Ancestral Veneration

As the time of the veil thinning continues, many of our thoughts turn to our ancestors in preparation for the various cultural ancestral rites that occur through August – October. 681 more words

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Book Review: Fairy by Shane McKenzie

Fairy by Shane McKenzie

“Cecilia will do anything to have a baby. Anything.

Cecilia has tried everything to have the one thing she wants most—a baby. 191 more words

Book Review

The Seasons begin their dance.

You can feel it in the subtle changes in the air, the energy of fall beacons us already. The temperatures begin their tug of war between humid steamy summer days and the cool touch of falls caress as they dual for dominance in the clash of thunderstorms. 584 more words