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Deadline reminder for Event Coordinator, Kings, Group Organisers and poster artwork

If you’re considering applying for the Event Coordinator job, Summer or Winter King roles or a Group Organiser position, or submitting artwork for the Samhuinn 2014 promotional poster, now is the time to put the finishing touches on your application or design and get ready to send it! 51 more words


Pre-application session for prospective Group Organisers

No Point at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Stephen Yu

7pm on Monday 21st July
White Horse Bar (266 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8AA)

Attention BFS volunteers thinking of applying to run a group at Samhuinn 2014! 205 more words


Selection of the Cailleach

The Cailleach at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Richard Winpenny

The process for selecting the Cailleach differs from that of the Kings. The Kings are big presence, with the character often built on ego, their first step in their journey is self-nomination. 151 more words


Samhuinn Fire Festival is requesting that its Summer and Winter Kings make themselves known

Winter King (left) and Summer King (right) at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Richard Winpenny

With Midsummer past, our thoughts turn to the celebration of Autumn and the festival of Samhuinn on 31st October. 210 more words


Event Coordinator wanted for Samhuinn 2014

Photo of Samhuinn 2013 by Mark Taylor

Job title: Event Coordinator
Company: Beltane Fire Society Ltd
Location: Edinburgh
Salary: Paid (ask for details)

Job description… 373 more words


Group Organisers wanted for Samhuinn 2014

The Winter Riders at Samhuinn 2013, photo by Mark Taylor.

Midsummer may have barely past but preparations for Samhuinn are beginning. Beltane Fire Society is looking for driven group organisers to help bring together a vision of Summer’s waning or Winter’s waxing…depending on your perspective! 331 more words


Invitation to submit poster artwork for Samhuinn 2014

With preparations for the Samhuinn Fire Festival beginning, it’s time to invite you to submit your beautiful artwork for consideration for the Samhuinn 2014 poster. The chosen submission will be on posters and flyers all over Edinburgh and will also be used in our online promotion and press advertising in the run-up to the festival. 677 more words