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To King or not to King?

Our Samhuinn 2014 Summer King, Ian Stuart, shares some thoughts about his role at the festival…

Why did I perform this year? There are several reasons why I put my name forward. 370 more words

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A bed of thistles

Tom, one of the Group Organisers of the Beastie Drummers, shares a unique post-Samhuinn perspective…

“In the middle of the woods, leaves crunching beneath our feet, we stop and hold our breaths and listen… A strange kind of snoring, just on the edge of hearing is drifting between the trees. 258 more words

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Jay's story: Becoming a Torchbearer

Hey, my name is Jay, and I’m a Beltane virgin. Well, not anymore, for obvious reasons. I decided several months ago to part of the Beltane Fire Society, after having been privileged enough to watch their celebrations of Summer. 430 more words

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The King is Dead. Long live the King!

Spike, our newly crowned King of Winter, talks about his Samhuinn experience…

I took on the role of Prince of Winter because I wanted to test myself. 219 more words

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Ramblings of a modern druidess - Samhuinn and other stuff

It’s been a while since you heard some actual ramblings from me. I’ve been featuring a lot of book releases and their authors, and it’s been great fun. 624 more words



After a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate the coming of Winter (though most people dread the winter months) I would like to share the experience. The photos were taken during the Beltane Fire Society’s parade down the Highstreet of Edinburgh. 569 more words

Samhuinn 2014

My friend S is a pagan. Whenever she can, she attends solstice ceremonies and Druid celebrations, in whatever part of the UK she can reach on her limited funds and with disabled access. 220 more words