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Mmm... Garlic Roast Pork

We had a frost last night but my jalapeno bush made it ok.  I picked a nice ripe one for my lunch sammich today.  I have Swiss cheese on this but wanted to be able to see the pretty slices of pork so it went on the bottom, you can just see a little of it oozing over the side of the bottom crust.


Worklight - getUserPref doesn't persist/load back?

I’m trying to persist some data for the user in this WL app using:

WL.Client.setUserPref('foo', 'bar');

and getting it back by using


My target environment is Windows 8.1 with the latest Worklight Studio ( 110 more words


Pumpernickel Pr0n - Reuben

Now and again the Kroger deli has pumpernickel rounds set out for sale.  They are the best thing ever to hollow out and fill with a nice dill dip.   142 more words


Store-bought natural peanut butter? RIP-OFF. Make your own, boss!

In recent years, of course, I got into eating natural, no-crazy-sugar-or-other-bullshit-added peanut butter.

But have you seen straight up peanut butter in the store?! Freaking $6, $7, $8 – who has that kind of cash for luxury peanut butter?! 357 more words


#900 - Someone Else's Cold Cuts

Someone else’s cold cuts are always more delicious. Always.

Sketch A Day

Whole Foods, the Holocaust a grass pervert and Dr. Dre!

Unsolicited random Whole Foods shopper buying gluten-free muffins, “The Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t like rules so much.”  Not how I want to start my morning.  659 more words