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Samson at home

My friend Todd sent me a photo of what he thinks Samson does when I am not at home.¬† I do wonder….


Week 8 - A Few Good Men...and Women

Scripture Reading:  Judges 2-4, 6-8, 13-16

Significant Moments in The Story

The death of Joshua & Israel’s “cycle of disobedience” – Judges 2

The judge Deborah & the Canaanites – Judges 4… 2,429 more words

The Story

delilah the distraction

Reading the story of Samson and Delilah, one would honestly have to ask the question how silly could he be to let this woman be the reason for his down fall? 487 more words

Samson's Story: 4th & Long (Sunday's Sermon Today)

Some stories we read because they inspire us and lift us up; some stories we tell because they warn of what could be if we continue down the path that we’re currently on. 3,012 more words


Carnivale - Season 2, Episode 11 - "Outside New Canaan" - Truth Revealed

“Outside New Canaan,” is where many things come to a head and where lines are drawn for many of the characters. It is a truth revealing episode and is all the stronger for it and shows how much many of the characters have changed. 521 more words

David Milch & The Line

So I finished the script for Justice, or No Mercy as it was titled at the time, in 2004. I had done enough shorts, and one feature length in 2002, to learn several things about making movies on a negative budget. 2,237 more words


Sunday Wrap Up

From October 19, 2014 We continued our three-part series on desire yesterday at ESBC. We talked about how desire becomes dangerous when it surfaces in a way that prompts us to violate God’s design.