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Storage space running low on Android


So after downloading failed on me twice I suddenly started getting a message saying “disk space running low”.

I knew I wasn’t….or shouldn’t be running low because I checked before downloading as it was going to be a big game… 158 more words


What Was The Name Of That....

I am ALWAYS thinking of ideas for my blogs , website, business, books, etc. I may get an idea while on the road. Sometimes a thought pops into my head and i need to write it down NOW! 136 more words


Follow Directions or Your Phone Will Blow Up

In Texas, a 13-year-old girl slept as her Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire. Her pillow, sheets and mattress were also destroyed. While Samsung vowed to replace everything, this raises questions on whether or not it is wise for people to ignore the user guides that come with our newly-purchased phones. 357 more words


Nabada Ulm 2014

Nabada ist schwäbisch und bedeutet “Herunterbaden”. Ihr müsst Euch die Veranstaltung, die immer am Schwörmontag um 16:00 Uhr stattfindet, vorstellen wie einen Faschingsumzug auf der Donau. 191 more words


Burnt Galaxy S4 owner gets offered a new One M8 by HTC

About a month back, a reddit user ‘TweektheGeek’ was woken up by the smell of his Galaxy S4 (not related to this recent incident), which overheated and started melting while the phone was charging overnight. 216 more words


Samsung Galaxy S4 goes down in flames, owner is offered free HTC One M8

Anti-competition commercials may be entertaining and effective at times, but HTC came up with a much smarter, cheaper way to advertise its products while mocking eternal rival Samsung, offering the disgruntled owner of a destroyed Galaxy S4 a complimentary One M8. 15 more words