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The Galilean Moons

A few months ago, I posted a grainy photo of the International Space Station which I took with my iPhone 5S. But it seems my dad has outdone me in the field of amateur space photos taken with a phone camera. 91 more words


New Look

Tus primeros lentes… New Look.

Samsung Galaxy S4 + Snapseed


Top 5 Best Phone Cases for Every Major Samsung Device

Samsung phones are packed with great features, and they just feel good in your hand. However, they can be a bit expensive. If you drop one, replacing the screen or a cracked housing can be a pain. 1,131 more words


From iPhone to Android and never back again

Two years back I purchased my first, and only, iPhone from the online Apple Store. After years of owning below par phones, more recently at the time a Blackberry, I decided to move up a notch and buy the iPhone 4S as it was all anyone could talk about. 392 more words


Burger King is offering free smartphones through its mobile app

In an effort to increase awareness, gain more attention and draw further interest towards its new Android application, Burger King has today announced that it will be offering a selection of mid-range smartphones completely free of charge on a 2-year contract through US carriers Sprint and Verizon. 141 more words


T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom Recovery

Just a quick post on how to install a custom rom and recovery to the S4.

Step 1: Download and install the drivers.

Step 2: 120 more words