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Whatever Wednesday

So today I thought I’d post how my transition from an iPhone 4s to a Samsung s5.

I’ve had the Galaxy for 5 days and I’ve pretty much learned how to use it and navigate around the screens. 416 more words

Samsung lures developers to smartwatches with $1.25 million in cash

By all accounts, consumer responses to smartwatches have not exactly been enthusiastic so far. Big gadget makers will continue to push smartwatches and other wearables as growth in the smartphone market continues to slow, but without compelling functionality and solid ecosystems, those efforts will be exceedingly difficult. 126 more words


Google and Samsung secretly joined forces to fight Apple

In a secret alliance worthy of Game of Thrones, Google and Samsung signed a surreptitious agreement to defend against a patent claim from Apple in 2012. 395 more words

Mundo Real

Nightcap - April 23

Problem solving and intellectual property are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Kyocera News Reel - April 23

Industry News:

Pocket Now – April 23, 2014
Samsung Shows Why the GS5′s Display Looks as Good as it Does
Smartphone screens in the five-inch range and offering 1080p resolutions are pretty much par for the course by now; they’ve been around for more than a year on any number of flagships, and we’re well familiar with what to expect. 710 more words

Apple in Search of the Next Big Innovation

Today Apple released its Q2 2014 financials (the webcast quality was awful on apple.com. I could hear only every fourth word on my super high-speed Internet connection). 673 more words