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Adam and Eve

And so I sit to write. It was a Monday like all the rest. I dig back through my memory bank of the last 12 hours and search for the one moment that signifies how it was different and what I learned, or felt, or smiled about. 578 more words


Traveling the Mississippi with Mark Twain

Last night, when I read to the family from Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain, we came upon a passage that made them erupt in laughter. 741 more words

Stories Of Home

Mark Twain is given official credit for this poem, but it was really composed by Emmeline Grangerford, whose family Huckleberry Finn met on his…

566 more words

But Twain, Carroll & Rowling Did It.

Pen names is what I’m talking about. Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll and J. K. Rowling are all pen names. Famous for writing but these authors didn’t feel that their lives would help selling their books. 529 more words


The Spectre of Buena Vista: A True Mark Twain Mystery Discovered by Prof. Artemus Carbuncle (Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art)

Good Evening:

Did you know that in his spare time, American literary legend Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain was also an adroit and intrepid amateur sleuth who solved crimes that baffled even the most professional investigators? 357 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Time's Arrow, Part II [6.1]

Picard and the crew settle in 19th century earth, where they track the presence of the time traveling aliens.  Data re-connects with his shipmates, and the crew wind up in the cave where Data has his head blown off.  1,113 more words

Star Trek Franchise

Do You Know Where Your Favorite Author Likes To Travel?

by Kimberly A. Cook                       (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Writers get around. The world. Literally. Seems us scribes are vagabond souls who have to see, hear and experience many different scenes and lands to keep our muses happy. 294 more words

Warrior Tales