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SJ7 Review: Samurai 7

Let me start off with a big shout out and thank you to all of San Japan’s volunteers and staff for keeping us all safe, and the staff of the Hyatt hotel for putting up with our insane shenanigans every year. 3,366 more words

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Last week, I had the pleasure of announcing the release of my novel Lightning Wolves. One of the characters in the novel is a former samurai named Masuda Hoshi. 664 more words

Lightning Wolves

Via Anime Insider: Samurai 7 Episode Commentary (March 2006)

Director Toshifumi Takizawa shares brief thoughts on each episode of Samurai 7.


Via Anime Insider: Takuhito Kusanagi (August 2005)

Samurai 7 character designer Takuhito Kusanagi walks through his thoughts on designing the series’ main cast.


Via Anime Insider: Shoji Murahama on Samurai 7 (June 2004)

Gonzo President Shoji Murahama talks about getting the somewhat clandestine call to anime Samurai 7, other creative decisions regarding the show, and shopping it in the US.