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The Daitengu of Daisen, Hōkibō

Does the term “Tengu” mean anything to you? Although sometimes translated as “goblin,” “gargoyle,” or simply “demon”, this particular type of mythical creature conjures images of human-esque anatomy, attire of a… 888 more words


Snowshill Manor

Yesterday we went to Snowshill Manor, which is a National Trust site near the top end of the Cotswolds :)

The manor is a largish country house which sits at one end of Snowshill Village. 756 more words


Things I want for myself.

Things I want for myself.

I know its common place to actually write about the things I want for myself but I feel its better to express them somewhere where I can express them at rather than let them be hidden and welled up inside of me until I break right? 178 more words

Real Life

Office samurai?

In his famous book Hagakure (“In The Shafow of Leaves”), also known as The Book of the Samurai, the samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo records his views on… 247 more words


Habitually Breaking the 4th Wall - Gintama

I know that there are a few anime out there who habitually breaks the so called fourth wall (speaking directly to the audience), but the one I know best is Gintama. 583 more words