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The blue moonlight provides the only light in the dark night. A gentle breeze, the only movement. As if grown among the grass and trees, two warriors stand at opposite ends of the forest, ever still. 469 more words

Short Stories

Yamabuki's Sword -- historic blade from her era and her swordmaker

Old swords are rare, even in a country as obsessed with them as Japan. Giving Up the Gun, Japan’s Reversion to the Sword, 1543-1879, traces the significance of the sword in Japanese society. 293 more words


Nagoya Castle’s Castle Gates and Watch Towers 1: Death Box

“I said just six.” Professor Miura said that with a sidelong glance at Chris. “I said JUST six.” He repeated.

It was November 15th. I was attending a lecture on Nagoya Castle. 408 more words


Historical Japanese swords turn into hot and battle-hardened Blade Boys in new mobile game

These days, one of the quickest and most popular methods for stocking a video game with a cast of attractive anime-style characters is to pick a class of item and anthropomorphize the heck out of it… 701 more words


No Love for Hideyoshi?

Everywhere I turn, I see Nobunaga all over the place. So many manga and anime and movies with him as the main focus! Nobunaga no Chef, Onna Nobunaga, Nobunaga the Fool, Mister Zippangu, Blazing Nobunaga, etc etc etc, oh dear make it stop. 299 more words

Samurai umbrella

I actually need a new umbrella (it’s rainy and stormy in Sweden, so they break all the time…).
This one looks perfect!

You can order it from OtakuMode.