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Early Impressions: Adventures of Pip

PAX South came and went. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. One game out of the hundreds that were there left a good early impression on me: Adventures of Pip. 883 more words


Crafty Saturday!

In about an hour I’ll be leaving to go to the meet and greet. Hopefully by then the eggs I ate¬†will have made it out of my system… 665 more words


Angry Talks: Samus' stupid high heels (WARNING: CONTAINS EXTREME LANGUAGE)

Originally published on July 8th, 2014

This shit has gone too far!!!

Since my last angry rant, I decided to play Metroid: Other M again. Thinking about how women are often portrayed incorrectly in the games industry made me want to go back and revisit just how bad Other M was. 1,109 more words


More cosplay!!

Yes! That means that I DID work on Project Samus! WHoooo I always feel sooooo productive when I manage to accomplish something in it, or figure out something big. 510 more words


Project Samus: Something or another

No idea when my last post about this was, but now that it’s post Christmas, 2015, AND I’m most likely going to make it to Katsucon for a day (not with a costume though) I figure I should work on it. 845 more words


Life In Plastic: MINI TOY REVIEW: Samus Aran (Nintendo Amiibo)

Many many years ago, Metroid was a new game on the NES, and Li’l Riddy played it. Oh, did I ever! Sure, my big sister beat the game before I did, but I really loved Metroid. 393 more words