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This Defective Samus Amiibo Has Two Arm Cannons

Lucky Reddit user Adamantium126 found himself in possession of a defective Samus Amiibo. As you can see from the images above the Samus Amiibo has two arm canons instead of one. 26 more words


Gamer runs in his blood.

My husband is now chasing Talia so I can’t get a picture of them but we got my son a Link from The legend of Zelda bodysuit, while he wears a shirt with Samus from Metroid and I wear Megaman from well the series of games shares the same name as him. 


Stories are the Keys

Image by Flickr User: Charles Williams (cc)

It’s been an odd year in gaming for me.  Despite all the new games that have come out this year, I’ve often found myself drawn to the senior ranks of my collection. 909 more words


It's harder to stay asleep

Haha. Most people are rejoicing and don’t get me wrong, I’ll never say no to more sleep, but it’s been harder for it to feel good since my body wants to be up with the sun. 629 more words


Amiibo Info dump

Nintendo’s interactive figurines are on their way so I thought I’d go ahead and knock together a thread with all the info released so far. Bound to be a few confused parents (and gamers) out there in need of help! 326 more words


Designing the Collaboration Costumes

Hello, I was the Nintendo costume collaboration designer for the Bayonetta Wii U port, my name is Yong-Hee Cho. For this blog, I’d like to talk about the design process for creating these costumes. 634 more words



Happy almost Halloween! I recently posted up some pics from my October shows on my Facebook page including pics like the one below from my cosplay performance on the 24th. 30 more words