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Amma, 12×12, acrylic and pen on panel, 2014. © RobiniArt, 2014. Portrait inquiries to robin@robiniart.com or fill out this short form.

Wanna see a Cool Wilson Combat designed to be Carried?

Ultralight Carry Compact 45 : Fluted Chamber, Round Butt, Night Sight, Carry Cuts, Lightweight Frame.

Nagel’s Price – $3399.00
A Great BBQ Pistol!!

How about a Glock 17 Gen3 with a Factory threaded barrel and Factory high sights?

These are a limited edition from Glock. G17’s are in stock and G19’s are on the way.

Nagel’s Price – $599.00

ATK sent Nagel's some more CCI Blazer Brass 9mm in the 350rd Plano cases. These are really handy and are priced right!

CCI #52002 – 350rds 9×19 Blazer Brass – Nagel’s Price – $99.99

We have a lot more than what is in the picture…

Mega Sale!!!!!!!!!!

Nagel’s is running a limited time offer on Federal .223 and 5.56mm ammunition. We do not expect to see this ammunition this inexpensive again.

Remember this is US Military grade ammunition made in the Lake City Arsenal. 52 more words

Here is a Smokin deal from Colt and Nagel's!

The LE6920 MOE in black. All Mil-spec, All Colt!

16.0″ Chrome lined bbl, MagPul MOE stock, grip, rear sight and forearm, sling and a magazine are included. 12 more words