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Throwback Thursday: My First College Class

This week on Throwback Thursday, we’ll be recounting a pivotal day in the history of Susie: my very first day of college. I actually wrote this in a journal I was keeping in tandem with my best friend, who went to college in Sacramento. 753 more words

Throwback Thursday

Adventure Awaits! The Time Has Finally Arrived!

Years ago, I was down in the dumps, struggling financially and holding onto the small glimmer of hope that things would eventually take a turn for the better. 434 more words

Welcome to Southern California! Where are you from?

It went against all my principles yet I handed the taxi driver a hefty 20% tip and stood nervously on the ‘sidewalk’ and watched him disappear into the darkness – I had finally arrived in San Diego, California in the United States of America. 716 more words


First Day As An Aztec

So this evening I attended my first event as an official, registered college freshman. It was just this silly event called Templo Del Sol where basically you walk through the arches of Hepner Hall and everyone welcomes you into SDSU. 335 more words

Hope's Commentary

PV Panthers on the prowl for title in '14

ST. GEORGE – Will 2014 be the year that Pine View, five-times the bridesmaid, finally gets the ring? Or will it be another year of heartbreak for the Panthers? 846 more words


Goodbye Corn, Hello Palm Trees

What a cheesy opening. Ha!
Hey there, followers. It’s been a few months.

Well, as you might’ve guessed- my summer is over, and I didn’t make it to Sweden. 621 more words