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Ester was my great-aunt, sister to Katherine and my grandfather. I was very small when Ester came to visit and I remember her as being kind to me. 104 more words

Victoria Kloch

@TheBiancaDelRio Serves Sacramento Sexy Selfie

Bianca’s in the bay area this weekend and has sold out all the meet and greets JC Events scheduled for her.

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Samantha is my great-niece, the daughter of Pat, Annie’s niece and Gerry’s granddaughter. She is the darling of the Homan clan. This bright-eyed beauty loves color. 132 more words

Victoria Kloch


Tara is my first-born daughter and Dawn’s big sister. Tara came into my life when I was only 19. For me the position of parenting was the most important job on the planet.  198 more words

Victoria Kloch


Riley my first-born granddaughter, Dawn’s first child and Lillian’s big sister. My father once told me as he loving looked on at Tara and Dawn playing. 328 more words

Victoria Kloch


Violet is my second born granddaughter. Tara’s first child. I was present at her birth and this moment will be forever etched in my heart. I’ll never forget how I felt as I stood there and watched this precious little bundle wrapped in swaddling fashion. 197 more words

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