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Next Up: San Fransisco, CA

That place you should eat at but probably never heard of: Urban Tavern inside Hilton Union Square

Best Place to take a #Selfie: Pier 1 on the Embarcadero with a backdrop of the Bay Bridge, the Arrow and the SF city skyline. 18 more words

San Fransisco

San Fransisco: Πρώτες εντυπώσεις, ένα κυνήγι αυγών για το Πάσχα και δύσκολες αποφάσεις.

Ήρθαμε λοιπόν στην ξενιτιά και μεις. Μετακόμιση νούμερο δύο. Ελπίζω και τελευταίο νούμερο! Εδώ είναι όμορφα. Έχει ήλιο, που σε ζεσταίνει μέσα και έξω αναφορικά με την Αγγλία και την υγρασία. 6 more words


San Fransisco Street Art

Just a few “leftover” pictures from San Fransisco. While traveling, I like to photograph local street art, be it murals or graffiti, commercial or underground. Despite (or precisely because of?) the fact that I had a short and somewhat passionless affair with academic art history in the past, I sometimes feel let down by institutional art and feel like more inspiration can be gained by observing everyday surroundings. 335 more words

My Life

False flag prep work: Law enforcement holds security drills at BART stations

False flag prep work:


A number of police and state and federal law enforcement agencies converged on several BART stations Friday morning to conduct security drills. 156 more words


Packing Plastic?

So, I was reading through the public comments on a news article about San Fransisco’s ban on the sale of water bottles in public areas.I think, personally that it is a great idea.Strong environmental policies are exactly what this world needs right now. 488 more words

family trip to san fran in #LITTLECOUPLE!

i’m so thrilled for this family, as last week’s epi had jen find out she’s cancer FREE and she no longer has to do chemo (hopefully forever!) so jen is taking a health risk by going to san francisco for a job conference and some fun w/ her family. 387 more words


Hello, San Fransisco

These are some pictures from a recent trip to California. Other than getting locked out of our campground at China Camp State Park, it was a great trip!

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