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Packing Plastic?

So, I was reading through the public comments on a news article about San Fransisco’s ban on the sale of water bottles in public areas.I think, personally that it is a great idea.Strong environmental policies are exactly what this world needs right now. 488 more words

family trip to san fran in #LITTLECOUPLE!

i’m so thrilled for this family, as last week’s epi had jen find out she’s cancer FREE and she no longer has to do chemo (hopefully forever!) so jen is taking a health risk by going to san francisco for a job conference and some fun w/ her family. 387 more words


Hello, San Fransisco

These are some pictures from a recent trip to California. Other than getting locked out of our campground at China Camp State Park, it was a great trip!

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Broncos Pre-Season Schedule Set

This week, football seemed to edge that little bit closer with the announcement of Denver Broncos pre-season schedule for 2014. While exact dates and times have yet to be scheduled the games will take over a 4 week period beginning the first week in August. 286 more words



Tuesday 13 May ====> Auckland /San Fransisco

Thursday 15 May  ====> San Fransisco / Cayman Islands

Saturday 24 May  ====>  Cayman Islands / New York… 30 more words

San Francisco erleben

Es wurde in der Jugendherberge aufgewacht – eine sehr coole, zentrale Jugendherberge. Leider ist einen Block weiter auch der Bezirk, den man besser meiden sollte. Arm und Reich sind hier zum Teil nur einen Block von einander entfernt… Auf jeden Fall war die Jugendherberge super und hatte als Frühstücksoption ein Pancake-All-You-Can-Eat. 321 more words

All This Nonsense Pales, So Why Get All Worked Up?

There are times when I’m driving through the horror of San Francisco streets with its absurd proliferation of douchebags all driving as if theirs was the only car that matters so why use turn signals or stay in a lane; with construction on every corner because these 27 year old Google douchewads need somewhere to live so why not build another 50 glass and iron live-work (ha!) lofts on every available, or not quite available, corner; with the roads torn asunder by the third world gas company (there are blackouts in SF with alarming frequency); and, of course, with all those bikers and their fragile flesh perched perfectly for accidental annihilation (not that I have anything against bikes; it’s only to say that the thought of squashing a biker with my car is so so so very, unspeakably horrible — which makes driving amidst their swarm a tad stressful).  1,152 more words