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I'm a Rilakkuma Girl at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

I had an amazing time being a Rilakkuma girl at the San-X booth at the Licensing Expo! Thank you San-X and Ingram for everything! I love Rilakkuma!

3D Kiiroitori pasta

I saw this cool tutorial by sickybear and tried it out using pasta instead of soba. I wasn’t sure if my 3D pasta would hold its shape so I chose an easy character to make, and thus made 3D Kiiroitori pasta using angel-hair pasta. 23 more words

Rilakkuma Space Series July 2014

It’s been awhile since I updated the information on my small but growing Rilakkuma collection. Since I just pre-ordered a set I’m really excited about, I thought I’d write about it. 184 more words

Writing Random Thoughts

Rilakkuma obsession

This is the newest member of my Rilakkuma family. According to me, it just screams summer and I’m completely in love with it! It’s from the “cotten life” collection, and designed to keep your cards safe (and looking fabulous).

Enjoy summer with Rilakkuma happy picnic caravan

Summer time is here and everyone is busy enjoying their time in the sun or going for holidays overseas~ I’m back home enjoying mine with Rilakkuma :D haha. 137 more words


Diary Entry # 2: Going Somewhere?

After a hearty breakfast, I gave my Kuma’s a bath. They’re getting stinky and dusty (>.~)

Me: “Hey Bunny, whatcha doing?”

Bunny: “Oh you know… Just hanging around. 39 more words


Diary Entry #1: Good Morning

Dearest Diary,

It’s already 9:46 in the morning and my Kuma’s are still asleep. This is their first night together (^^,)

Should I go and wake them up? 96 more words