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If I can make it here ...

As some of you might know, I spent a blissful week in Massachusetts and New Hampshire last week. I met new old friends and found kindred spirits, and I cried and laughed and loved as much as I was able to love and cry and laugh. 200 more words

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iTunes Radio

By Carrie Pokrefke

I’m not sure if you use the “new” iTunes Radio or not, but if not, I recommend you check it out! I was a Pandora listener for years, and still am, but lately I have been enjoying iTunes Radio. 120 more words

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Books and books and books

By Brandi Perry

About a month ago I decided that I was going to take the remainder of the year off from book signings and events to allow myself time to rest and reestablish the love I have for the business. 229 more words

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Barack certainly does dub

You guys, where has this YouTube channel been all my life???  BaracksDubs does “covers” of popular songs using footage of President Barack Obama and they are entirely fabulous.  43 more words

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Into the deep

I took this photograph with my (new) beloved 50mm f1.4 lens while I was in New Hampshire in June.  I had been lusting after this lens for a long time, and I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing it prior to flying out of Australia as I was sure it would be fabulous for street photography in New York.  221 more words

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Setting: Saturday morning, sun shining, coffee in hand.

My weekly grocery shopping was done the night before so I have a perfectly empty Saturday lying before me.   114 more words

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