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Celebrating Easter Everyday

Every Easter, we hear from bloggers, pastors, and seminary students how we need to focus on the death and resurrection of Christ every day. They guilt us into thinking our worship of the risen Savior on Easter is worthless because we don’t celebrate it every day of the year. 733 more words



Ecclesiastise reminds us that “To everything there is a season” There is a right time for things to happen. Those among you who are gardeners will be aware that spring is here, when the ground begins showing signs of new life.  595 more words

Apostle Paul

Sanctified Imagination

Here is an excerpt from Kevin Vanhoozer on the importance of the imagination in the growth of the Christian.

First, I find that the imagination is a vital ingredient in my sanctification.

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We Are Sanctified By Faith

We are sanctified by faith so that we might obey the Law.

Christ, by His righteousness, intercedes for us before the Father, so that we might be declared righteous, He being our advocate. 907 more words


How Are These Articles Divided? (Q. 24)

Question:  How are these Articles divided?

Answer:  Into three parts:

God the Father and our Creation;

God the Son and our deliverance;

God the Holy Spirit and our sanctification.


In Jesus Name

“You know, you could say to a guy, “Well I wanna go to Chicago” and you could say, “Well there’s no way to Chicago, you can go any way you want. 1,224 more words

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Irresponsible Grace

I believe that instead of calling it “hyper-grace” we should refer to that movement as “irresponsible-grace.” Because whenever I talk to advocates of the hyper-grace movement they try to sound biblical by using Gospel terminology to release themselves from their responsibility in sanctification.  767 more words

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