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Holiness is Non-Negotiable

There are so many preachers today whose popularity is based upon — and ensured by — the lies they spin. ‘God wants you to prosper,” they declare, with their used-car salesman-like pitch. 108 more words


Stories of God's Grace: Meet Derrick

The Lord is at work redeeming and sanctifying a people for Himself. Ligonier Ministries shares this story of God’s grace with you. Meet Derrick.

“Nobody knows more than me that I have absolutely no right… 15 more words


The Remedy for Sin Must Be Applied in This Life

There are those who believe that after death, the souls of the righteous must endure the purifying fires of purgatory. Not so! The purification starts HERE, in this life, with the sanctifying flame of Pentecost. 85 more words

Holy Spirit


Good journaling is not just an exercise in introspection, but a pathway for joy — and a powerful tool in the hands of love.

Perhaps you’re sold on the potential spiritual value of the discipline of journaling, but you just don’t know how to get going, or keep going. 29 more words

Reflections On Scripture

Hope for Today...

Disappointment is inevitable… Discouragement is a choice. Many times people think if God has called you to something, He’s promising you success. He might be calling you to fail, maybe even fail multiple times, to prepare you for something else through that failure. 1,172 more words

Reflections On Scripture

The Good People

There are so many people who want to say they’re good. They always want to say they are “good people.” It typically implies that in comparison to “bad people.” The problem is their level of contentment with their own condition. 661 more words

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Irritability: 7 Ways to Fight the Red-Eyed Monster

If jealousy is the “green-eyed monster,” then, surely, irritibility is the “red-eyed monster.” Confession time: irritibility is a sin I struggle against on a daily basis. 1,473 more words