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The Cords of Orion

My favourite constellation, Orion, is rising again in the early morning before sunrise. To reference A Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming.

The Hunter won’t be visible in the evening sky for several months yet, but to see him in the early morning brings me hope that, even though it’s currently pushing 100° Fahrenheit (a horrendous 37.8°C), cooler temperatures will be on their way with the slow turn of the seasons. 1,373 more words


On Not Being Righteous Overmuch

That precept of Solomon, ‘Be not righteous over much’ (Eccles. 7:16) is very useful and necessary, if rightly understood. We are to beware of being too rigorous in exacting righteousness of ourselves and others beyond the measure of faith and grace.

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Stop Living For Jesus

Recently, I have come to the realization that I have had something backwards. I have found myself guilty of uttering a phrase so subtly wrong, so “almost-right,” that I didn’t notice it. 720 more words


Keep Me.

Keep me, O God, that I may walk in your ways. Keep me so that when I do stumble, fall, and stay down, you are with me in the stumble, in the fall, and with me until I regain my feet to stand up. 170 more words


Just whose fault is it anyway?

By Angela Wittman

(Originally written in March of 2005 and still true today!)

…Nehemiah cared nothing for the applause of men and was totally unwilling to compromise the mission he had undertaken for God. 527 more words


Beginning of the end

The company I work for was recently acquired by a larger company. The transition has been fairly smooth. However, because of the differences in operations there has been no shortage of craziness (my desk currently has two laptops and one desktop on it–each of which serve a different purpose). 400 more words

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