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Woman and the Miracle of Creation

It is a miracle, indeed the first and greatest of all miracles, that any of us are alive, or that anything exists at all. Existence is a mysterious thing, and we only have to seriously reflect on non-existence to affirm life’s tremendous gratuity and the marvellous nature of being. 1,606 more words


America's Priorities

Visit to the sleep doctor: $500

Custom orthotics: $350

.22 Beretta: $200

Ending your suffering in this shithole country: Priceless

Let's Make Something Clear

I’ve been a student of health care and health policy since 1992. I worked on health policy in the US Senate 2001-02. I lived in Canada in part so I could experience Canadian health care firsthand.  41 more words

Begotten or Made by Oliver O’Donovan

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O’Donovan’s jumping-off point was a British government report on artificial fertilization in the 1980s. 110 more words

Modern World

Programs for the Poor are Poor Programs!

This is one of the many things that drives me nuts about the right’s ridiculous, disingenuous, and hypocritical “sanctity of life” slogan. We do not value all lives equally–not by a longshot. 668 more words

Who's Leaving Who Over Gaza?

Writing for The Hill, Niall Stanage wondered earlier this week whether the Obama administration’s impotent criticism of Israeli actions in Gaza could finally cause the oft-predicted,  never realized shift of American Jewish voters toward the GOP. 184 more words

Foreign Policy

The Mystery of Life

The word mystery has a variety of meanings depending upon the context.  I like the following one the best, which comes from Webster’s Dictionary: a mystery is “something not understood or beyond understanding.”  Now, it is true that through the disciplines of science, sociology, psychology, and philosophy that mankind has gained knowledge, understanding, and wisdom about himself and his place in the world.   889 more words

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