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8 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married

Some things seem to be matters of common sense, but obviously, not to everyone. Some people have to have warnings written out clearly for them and even then, there’s no guarantee that they will heed the warnings, or believe that they apply to them. 1,382 more words


Day 278 - Human (Child-like Marriage, pt. 3)

To be born, to live, to sin, to hurt and die. To love, hate, wonder, discuss, play, laugh, cry, all of the things we do as humans. 1,646 more words


Day 263 - To Love Unconditionally (Child-like Marriage pt. 2)

Reader, have you ever lain awake at night and listened to cars go by, wondering what the lives are like of the drivers and passengers? There’s a lot of cars that traverse my area, a lot of lives that drive by in the night. 3,350 more words