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How to Define the Sanctity of Marriage

“Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today.” Well, these days, more often than not, it’s tearing us apart…


It seems that those who advocate for marriage equality often scoff at the small number of conservatives or Christians who tirelessly assert that same-sex marriage is an assault to the sanctity of marriage. 374 more words

The Concept of Marriage and its Relationship to Same-sex Rights

NOTE: The purpose of this article is to aid in establishing a common understanding of same-sex rights within the American culture. It does not seek to reinforce the beliefs of any faction, but rather educate the readers on a possible solution to intra-state hostility. 1,145 more words

American Culture

June 29 - The Sanctity of Marriage

Mark 10:1-31; 2 Samuel 23; Hosea 3

Marriage has become a hot topic in our world. What should it look like? What is God’s idea of marriage? 508 more words

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