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Tool Rant

The power tools that were stolen from the ship haven’t been replaced, which is a bit of a pain when one wants to do work. 127 more words

Where to start? ... Sandpaper

I’m having a hard time deciding where to begin. There is a surplus of information you will need if you’ve never refinished a piece of furniture. 731 more words


Picking things back up

Finally got back to it a bit. Have all the body bolts loose and the body is ready to separate from the chassis. Will have a group over for beers at some point and get some help with the lifting part. 86 more words

VW Beetle

Me at my new table! Only took three trips to Ikea! (Went back today because there was a problem with the paint on the one I got yesterday). 8 more words


Toothbrush Truce

I love that little smile. Sander is waving around his toothbrush…that’s what’s in his hand. He and I have come to a truce right now on brushing teeth. 55 more words


This is What Having Twins Sounds Like Sometimes

(Luckily this doesn’t happen very often.)
(There is only audio because I was in their dark room trying to get them to sleep, quite unsuccessfully as you may have gathered.)


Olin and Sander's Opening Day for Baseball

Olin started his first ever team sport (tball) and Sander is in his second season and doing machine pitch (and coach pitch) little league. Fun stuff. 14 more words