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#114: Sandhya, Episode 2

Sandhya is #114 with a fan vote of 1.80.  I actually didn’t hate this look from Sandhya, which is saying a lot because, in general, I feel that her aesthetic is just too immature. 19 more words


#119: Sandhya, Episode 8

Sandhya and Sean are tied at the #119 position with a fan vote of 1.72.  Seriously, what the hell is this? Pinwheels? Pu-leaze.

Alisar Ailabouni modeled this look.   14 more words


#128: Sandhya, Episode 6

At #128, Sandhya’s look has a fan vote of 1.49.  Count me as one of the people who doesn’t “get” Sandhya.  Just because you haven’t seen something before does not mean it’s a good idea to make it.   21 more words


#131: Sandhya, Episode 9

How this is not the worst ranked look this season is beyond me, but it comes in at #131 and a fan vote of 1.36.  I literally would not even put my baby in this look let alone expect that a Tween would be caught dead wearing it.   6 more words


How can i update the database from the DataSet having multiple tables?

//following code is used to fill the dataset

     public DataSet abc()

            query = "select * from example;select * from usertable";
            SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(query, Con);
            objAdapter.SelectCommand = command;  //sqldataadapter is declared globaly
            DataSet ds = new DataSet();
            return ds;

… 81 more words

How can I update the database with values from the dataset?

string s = "Select number,name from table where id = 5 and num = 20";

SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(s, con);
adapter.Fill(dset, "ABC");

SqlCommandBuilder sT = new SqlCommandBuilder(adapter);
… 26 more words