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Sandpaper for Sharpening Lead

Granted, any old piece of sandpaper will do, but it’s reassuring to have a dependable name on it… I need a lot of practice though.


sandpaper never looked so good

When you think of sandpaper—if you ever think of sandpaper—it is likely as a handy tool for evening out or leveling off surfaces. Or it might be with dread as you think about sanding plaster before you can paint walls. 179 more words

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Thrift Store Haul

Hey guys! So as I told you in my diy post, I had a thrift store haul I was going to show y’all and here it is. 331 more words

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There is no way to avoid it, just better ways of doing it, sanding isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Norton Abrasives is a well known brand in the sandpaper arena and, chances are you’ve used one of their products. 44 more words

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Who said sand paper was dull?

In 2012 the museum acquired a vast collection of negatives of Australian commercial photographer Gervais Purcell (1919-1999). Purcell worked for a variety of clients such as David Jones, P&O, Ansett Australia, Jantzen and many others. 321 more words

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Consider a Positive Side to Your Critics

An interesting story takes place in the life of David. As if he did not have enough on his plate running from his son Absalom who was out to kill him, David encounters a descendent of Saul who still held a grudge against him. 379 more words

How to Sand a Surfboard

A proper sand job is essential to the ride, feel and aesthetic of a surfboard. There are a ton of ways to sand a board and just as many finishes which really gives each brand or glass shop their own personal stamp. 256 more words