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Makerbot Build Platform Flatness Testing

If you’ve ever printed with a FDM style 3D printer such as MakerBox, I’m sure you know that the build platform has to be pretty flat and level for you to have a successful build. 405 more words


To City,

Since I have been on the topic of our farmhouse, I figured I would write a post about my favorite thing to do to the farmhouse, paint. 517 more words

Farm Life

How To Sand & Finish Your Wood Floor in 3 Simple Steps

When it comes to refurbishing your hardwood floors so they look new again, a sander is your best friend. Actually, you’ve got a few new friends in the sander isle at your local rental store, because to sand a wood floor to perfection before finishing, you’ll likely need to use more than one kind of sander. 646 more words


Can You Fix Scratches On A Record?

No.  No you cannot.  You should not even attempt to.  I’ll be going over some of the old method of “fixing,” scratches below but if you’re an audiophile purist you know that none of these actually work though they may make an album “more playable.”  Understand that each of these methods is destructive and may make things worse.   527 more words

Enter Sand (paper) Man

A gaping hole in the wall. Right underneath the air conditioner.

It’s an old air conditioner. Mounted precariously on the wall near the ceiling.

The story goes that there wasn’t always an air conditioner in the room. 1,139 more words


In the studio

Experimenting with oil glazes on sandpaper with some interesting results. See what you think.