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I finally saw Gravity last weekend after hearing about it from everyone. They had a pre-release viewing of it at the film school I go to, but I couldn’t go unfortunately. 387 more words


Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice is a romantic comedy staring Sandra Bullock as Lucy, a liberal lawyer, and Hugh Grant as George Wade, a millionaire real estate tycoon. 117 more words


What I'm Watching: Romance Films

I don’t know if the genre term ‘rom-drams’ has already been coined, but basically I’ve been watching ‘romantic-dramas’ all week. Get it? Like I said in the ‘Fault In Our Stars’ review/post, I love romance movies. 430 more words


A Chronological Account of a Summer Seaside Holiday in Halifax. Part 1.

As you’re aware from my last post, Lucy and I took an epic train journey to get to our summer holiday destination of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1,422 more words


Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock

There are bad movies that are so bad that they are still good.  Then there are good movies that are so good they are really bad.  1,270 more words



I’ve done it. I have cut my hair.

Well I didn’t cut it. I was tempted to. I have been cutting small pieces out when the knots have been too tenacious to tease out. 353 more words


Transit Makes You More Fit; Should Be Free

We grazed over this article by the Science World Report, most of which focused on adults aged 60 and over not using public transit, and found this ratpag-affirming line:  “those who used public transit were more likely to meet physical activity requirements that promoted overall health and well-being.”  We couldn’t agree more. 320 more words

Buses And/or Alcohol