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Riding in Iran: Diesel and dust.

(Rolf, in English and German) Completely drunk. If there were alcohol in Iran, you might think the lorry drivers had some in their tea. Just as I try to overtake the decades-old 40-tonne lorry, which is crawling up the hill at a snail’s pace, the groaning, thundering monster swerves into the left lane. 1,432 more words


After the Wind (Tanka)

after the wind /
the badlands have no tears /
for shredded blossoms – /
yet the sand always settles  /
around the promise of spring // 83 more words


One foot in front of the other

The pale sky stretches into an endless horizon.

I carry my heart outside of my body,

Watching it beat, slowly, and apart from myself… 227 more words


Remember Google's Wave? Thanks to Sandstorm, it's easy to start using again

Four years ago, Google axed a year-old collaborative messaging platform called Wave, as part of its drive to clear out relatively low-adoption standalone products ahead of its big bring-everything-together Google+ push. 519 more words


Darude - Sandstorm

This is Darude with Sandstorm. Enjoy!

Source: youtu.be/0W57naAzdQg


One foot in front of the other...

Well, I certainly cannot say that it’s getting any easier (yet) judging by my times – average times – but my distances are getting longer, and in this 37 °C heat I definitely count that as improving! 291 more words



Time goes so fast. Following a lovely two weeks in Spain with Jo and the kids, I find myself back in Abu Dhabi embarking on year two of our adventure. 570 more words