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Thursday #24: "The Pear Necessities" 11/13/14

It’s Sandwich Day!

I have decided that this is a dessert sandwich kind of day. Not for any particular reason, I just decided that it was. 161 more words

Thursday #23: "Bust Your Chops" 11/6/14

It is Sandwich Day!

I love Fall, I love it! I’ve been working every day for both my jobs for the last three weeks. I even had to work on my favorite holiday (Halloween!!). 192 more words

Thursday #22: "The Lean N' Green" 10/30/14

It’s Sandwich Day… again!!

I used to make burgers with my roommates and friends in college. This will explain the amount of meat I used. 308 more words

Thursday #21: "Fallen on Delcious Times" 10/23/14

It’s finally Fall. And by finally I mean that it is still a high of 75 degrees but the humidity has sort of ebbed away. 208 more words

Thursday #20: "A Muenster and a Gentleman" 10/16/14

I have a thing for cheese puns with a lot of these sandwiches. Actually, I just have thing for cheese…and dairy. Food, I have a thing for food. 150 more words

Thursday #19: "The Garden of Edam" 10/9/14

I am a die hard Trekkie. I was raised on Original Series and Next Generation. (Picard is a better captain than Kirk and that is my final word on the matter). 240 more words

Thursday #18: "The Model Citizen" 10/2/14

This is an auspicious Sandwich day! For the Pudge Project, every Thursday I make a new sandwich. I love Lilo and Stitch and I love sandwiches. 260 more words