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Positive Week

I had a great time last week. By Saturday the irritability that had been just below the surface had finally subsided.

The prior week I had decided that I needed to enjoy the summer before it was over and not be held hostage with ideas such as, ‘when I finish unpacking and organizing the house, then I will schedule fun time.” 270 more words


Internal House Cleaning

I am trying to write more because the process brings me joy.  I want to practice the craft of writing daily, not after I take a course or get a communications degree, but NOW as I talked about in… 449 more words


My Father's Journey

If you are caring for aging parents, then you may know what it’s like to hope for them to hold on to life, as long as possible. 268 more words


Do you know what your parents Alzheimer's medications are used for?

The #1 reason for individuals to go back into the hospital within less than 90 days of their original visit is having problems with the medication prescribed. 167 more words

Employee Updates

She is Always Cranky

The other day, I started getting  anxious because I was behind schedule. I then proceeded to get irritable, and lets face it, downright rude. Getting angry as an effort to release anxiety is an old coping mechanism, always followed by self recrimination. 391 more words


Parenting Versus Reverse Parenting Or A Tale of Pureed Foods

When it comes to parenthood, there are moments that stick out. Moments where you think, “OK, I need to mentally bookmark this blip in time because it’s special.” I have those moments from time to time with my daughter. 492 more words

Dementia & Alzheimer's