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Egg Chicken Keema Sandwich

What is it actually?

Here comes my second blog post, which carries with it the burden of whether or not the sequel holds up a candle to the previous one. 447 more words

Happy Bee Sandwich

One of my roommates works at a hipster coffee shop in our town. They serve this delicious sandwich called The Honey Bee and I think its amazing. 123 more words

Grace the little homemaker

Grace and I were headed to get the oil changed and so I asked her to pack a bag with a snack and books.

She informed me that she made herself a sandwich and even put it in a Baggie.   46 more words

Real Mom

Snippets of Kent, England

I started writing this blog about 9 months ago and I’ve finally finished it (well as much as I’m going to)- better late than never! 898 more words


A Meaty Situation

You know I’m a big fan of sandwiches.

But when I come across a meaty situation like this:

I’m all Hellllll No.

Totally grosses me out. 20 more words


Tea Time

In my entire 10 years of married life, I don’t think I ever hosted people for tea. Sure, we have had people over for dinner, and served tea with dessert, but not just only for tea.   339 more words


Egg Salad Sandwich with a Lemon Kick

Day 5: The Week of Hard Boiled Eggs!

About 10 years ago I worked next door to this little cafe. It was tiny and wonderful. To describe how little it was, only a really nice man and his even nicer wife worked there and they had no employees. 343 more words