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Botanical Name  Baptisia australis   Common Name  Blue Wild Indigo Sun Level  Full sun; part shade Bloom Season  June Flower Colour  Blue Height  4’ Soil 38 more words
Normal Soil

Vermont Square

The sunny weather this long weekend was a fabulous way to kick off park season! We travelled up to Vermont Square to find a playground packed with children obviously excited for spring and craving outdoor play. 172 more words

Appropriate For All Ages

Meet my fur child

This is Sandy a.k.a Sandy Candy, Sandy Simmons, Sandykins, and Sandy Pants. She’s cute, right?

We didn’t name her, but clearly we’ve embraced her moniker. She’s a six-year-old miniature schnauzer who we adopted about five months ago from a friend’s mom’s friend’s neighbor (do you follow?) who wasn’t able to care for her anymore. 345 more words


Botanical Name  Artemisia ‘Valerie Finnis’   Common Name  Wormwood Sun Level  Full sun Bloom Season  Aug,  Sept Flower Colour  Silver Height  24” Soil 46 more words
Normal Soil


Botanical Name  Arisaema triphyllum   Common Name  Jack-in-the-Pulpit Sun Level  Part shade; shade Bloom Season  May, June Flower Colour  Foliage Height  10-18” Soil 31 more words
Normal Soil


What is it about babies and their need for sounds to put them to sleep? We have used the Sleep Sheep with the weirdest whale noises. 338 more words


Baby Food

Now that Zoe is seven months old, we are officially through the Early Babyhood phase and into a phase that I enjoy very much. Zoe can sit up, she can roll around, she does not yet crawl, she expresses her delight in me as well as several other key adults in her life so I don’t feel like a complete heel if I go out for an evening, and perhaps most enjoyably, she’s starting to eat actual food. 273 more words